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(SINGAPORE WEDDING BLOG) My Wedding Journey - All About Diamonds & Engagement Rings (JUMBO GOLD & DIAMONDS)

My Wedding Journey - All About Diamonds & Engagement Rings

Hi guys... Yesssss today i'm gonna share with you guys about diamonds and jewellery 💖
Remember on my previous post i announced that i'm ENGAGED ! 
And i also mentioned that i'm gonna share with you guys about some great deals on diamonds?  

So all the girlfriends who wanna hint your boyfriend to propose with beautiful high quality diamond ring but wanna help him to save money at the same time, feel free to send him this blog link.
Wife who wants some new blings also do feel free to send your husband this blog link as well.
For all the ladies who wishes to pamper yourself or you mother or mother in law or even your father or father in law or boyfriend or husband or even for your kids. 
Well... trust me this is great basically for anymore who is keen to buy diamonds and any types of jewellery.

So the reason why i decided to do a post about diamonds is because i realized when my fiance wanted to propose, he is having difficulty in finding a good place to buy the diamonds plus the fact that he knows nuts about diamond, honestly made me very worried. 
I'm worried that he is being conned to buy lousy grade diamond and i'm worried he will be ripped off by retail jewellery shops as well. 😓😓😓😓😓

So when i somehow caught the hint that he is planning to propose and even after hinting him the type of diamond ring i want, he still seems pretty blur about it so i decided to be a good girlfriend and helped him out by making his life easier. 😁

So i told him "Let's go diamond hunting together!" ✌
Most girls prefer surprise but well i'm a more realistic person, because surprise can mean either a good one or a bad one and in my case i do not want to take the risk hence i decided to choose together but that doesn't mean there wasn't any surprise which i will share with you more on my proposal at the end of the blog.

So basically after visiting and comparing a few different shops (retails and wholesalers) and i meant comparing the same specs, grade of diamonds, service and pricing as well and we both decided on this company:

Nowadays everyone is very smart to research and know that buying diamonds from wholesaler is definitely cheaper than buying from the retail shops.
In fact when you google online there are many diamonds wholesaler, from local to even some overseas supplier.
But how do you know who you can trust especially when they don't do heavy marketing and advertising like those retail jeweler ?

Well... you gotta either experience it yourself or be smart to read REAL EXPERIENCE reviews.
So let me share my experience with you guys.

So Why Jumbo Gold & Diamonds?
Jumbo Gold & Diamonds is a diamond & jewellery dealer that sells diamond rings in Gold, White Gold & Platinum. 
They were one of the manufacturing giants in jewellery used to own a jewellery building in the old days but lost it all in the 1998 financial crisis. 
With experience, knowledge & passion, they have rebuilt the business from scratch and are extremely down-to-earth & practical people

Top: The iconic Jumbo Industrial Building. Bottom: A surviving catalogue of Jumbo Jewellery Manufacturers circ.1980s

This is the VALUES of the company:
At JUMBO GOLD & DIAMONDS, we listen to our customers’ needs. We understand the importance of budget spending & advise our customers to achieve the best value out of their purchases. To us, quality and service is more important than fancy branding and other frills!

And most IMPORTANTLY, Jumbo Gold & Diamonds only offers GIA Certified Diamonds!
NO FAKES! OR LOUSY QUALITIES ONES! (and very value for money!)

When i approach Jumbo Gold & Diamonds, i already have a rough idea of what i want.
So do you??? 

How To Choose The Right Diamond?

1. Decide on a BUDGET. 
How much are you willing to spend on the diamond ring?

2. Identify the diamond shape desired by the recipient.
Next few are Important! 
Know the four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

3. Deciding on how big your diamond is gonna be - how many carats???
Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Smaller carat diamonds will appear larger if they're well cut, and you can optimize your budget here by choosing a diamond weight that's slightly less than what you are looking for, as diamond price increases exponentially with increased diamond weight. 
So you'll save good money if you choose, say, a 0.9 carat diamond versus a one carat diamond.

4. Decide on the COLOUR.
Color actually refers to the lack of color in the diamond. 
This is rated on a scale of D to Z from colorless to colored, if you have a budget you can choose a near-colorless stone (grades G-H) since the naked eye can’t detect traces of color, and you’ll save some money.

5. Decide on the Clarity.
Clarity refers to the tiny imperfections, called inclusions. 
You can choose from I2-I3 (which have obvious inclusions) to FL, which are flawless and extremely rare.
SI is typically when a diamond’s inclusions begin to become noticeable to the naked eye. 
If you choose a diamond VS to FL, you can be sure that the inclusions WILL NOT BE VISIBLE to your naked eyes most of the time. 

6. Decide on the CUT Grade 
Cut determines how much your diamond will sparkle and cut ranges from poor or fair to excellent.

So basically after deciding what are the requirements of your ring you can then discuss with the jeweler for better advises.

Special Tip!!
How to choose the most sparkly and brilliant diamonds

Many people asked me how I choose diamonds that are sparkly and bright. 
The answer is simple. 
I found that diamonds with Excellent cut to have brightest reflection in light.  That does not mean that diamonds with Cuts like very good are bad. It all depends on how much you are comfortable with spending on your diamond and how bright you would like it to be.
 For example, a 1.00ct diamond may have a good or very good cut, but if you go for excellent cut, you may get something for 0.90ct for the same price (Just an example). 
I think it would be better for you to see the difference in person so you can choose for yourself.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that Jumbo Gold & Diamonds offers super ideal cut diamonds, if these diamonds suit your taste. 

So now let me share with you guys the time my fiance and me spent at 

Basically we spend most our time understanding more about diamonds and precious tones and also the different type of settings for diamond and the tons of different designs for wedding bands.

Here's some samples of the diamonds 

These precious stones fascinates me as well

They are absolutely beautiful in real life.

Some wedding bands and diamond earrings.

Wedding bands designs

Diamonds carat size samples.


This is one very princessy design

All these diamonds in my blog are from Jumbo Gold & Diamonds 
So if you guys are keen in any of the designs or diamonds do feel free to enquire with them directly.

The machine that is use to show you the GIA serial number.

The serial number is really small but amazingly you will really be able to see the numbers from this machine 

This Machine Below is Amazing
And this is the super machine where the jeweler used to see everything about the diamond, the flaws and strength can't run away from here.

The machine can tell if the diamond has the following attributes

 hearts & arrows

Ideal scope & ASET scope image

Below are some of the GIA certs of the diamonds.

and many many more GIA certs 💗

My Conclusion and Verdicts.
I've already told you guys that i've actually did some comparison between JUMBO GOLDS & DIAMONDS vs other retails jeweler shops vs other wholesale jewelers as well.
And i did a fair caparison using similar designs of wedding bands and same specs of the diamond.
The result is still JUMBO GOLDS & DIAMONDS that offers better value in fact to be honest the price difference is about 20-60% off compare to retails shop price and 10% off difference compare to the other similar wholesalers.
Services is great as well, the person that handles my request is Gabriel and he is very patient and knowledgeable about the diamonds. He will offer me realistic advises and basically walk me through the whole diamond lesson before i eventually found my ideal diamond and designs that i want.  

Oh! and did i mention that they do customize designs as well? 
They already have a great spread of options of the ready made ring settings to choose from, however if you would like certain designs you creatively thought of or from some photos you saw on the internet do bring down and discuss with him. 

For my wedding band and diamond ring they are both customized.
When you just first look at it, they may probably look simple and similar to other rings but there are details which we altered, be it from the small diamonds to the thickness of the ring etc.
All has been customized to fit our comfort.

So i highly recommend JUMBO GOLD & DIAMONDS to you guys if you guys are looking for great quality diamonds at great pricing!!

Before i show you the photos of my time spent at JUMBO GOLD & DIAMONDS
Let me show you video of a beautiful diamond from them.

Do follow their Instagram for more diamonds video

Below are photos of my fiance and me learning and scanning at our potential diamond.

To get more updates and view more of the diamonds and jewllery from
Do follow them on facebook and instagrm as below.

Any enquiries, you can Whatsapp/Sms 
Gabriel directly @ 91884320

And as above i mentioned that i'll be sharing about my proposal.
So why did i say that even though i chose my ring together with my fiance, i still get the surprise at the end?
As i said above, both my wedding band and proposal diamond ring is custom made.
So i never get to see the actual ring at all, i only saw the final computerize design.
And as my fiance and i were flying off to Hokkaido like in a few weeks time after finalizing our rings. 
Usually customized ring will take about 4-6 weeks (depending how complicated your designs are)
So in my heart i knew my fiance won't be able to propose in Hokkaido hence throughout the whole trip i did not suspect anything.

But somehow with God's grace, my diamond was ready one day before we fly to Hokkaido and Gabriel secretly contacted my fiance to arrange for him to collect it.
So during our Hokkaido trip with the help of my fiance's two good friends and with my guards totally down, he proposed to me 💓 

and this was the first time i saw my ring as well and i was so impressed with the final actual outcome.
Was exactly how i wanted it, i initially wanted a cushion cut diamond and i wanted Halo design as well but after looking through the diamond i decided on this signature cut round diamond and customized it to look like a cushion shape with Halo settings.

I really wanna thanks Gabriel for the great job and assisting the surprise proposal as well.
So trust me the best diamonds at great value, no regrets. 

Lastly Jumbo Gold & Diamonds are having a special PROMO NOW!
For below wedding band design with one diamond included, it's selling at $2000sgd + GST
Only for a limited time!

Any enquiries, you can Whatsapp/Sms 
Gabriel directly @ 91884320

So guys, i hope this blog has been beneficial to you all and helped you guys to save some money.
I'm gonna stop here now and i will be blogging about beauty treatments for bride to be, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and many more wedding stuffs!
So do stay tune and look forward to more upcoming blogpost of my wedding journey!



Peace Out !
Michelle Yang