Friday, 3 January 2014

My Weight Loss Story.. (S'pore girl loses 39kg over 2 years: Find out how she does it.) Part 2. There's No Such Things As Easy Way Out!

Hi all.. Happy New Year !! May 2014 be an awesome year for all...
I'm so sorry for the late updates as i was really busy with my family for the New Year and festive stuffs..

To continue from where i've stopped.
After loosing 39kg in 2 years, a slimmer me and a more attractive me, starts to attract guys..
With this sweet and bitter part of my life, i gained back to 80kg..

To cut the story short.. I fell in love and things got very serious.. 
My priority wasn't me anymore..It was my other half.. i neglected myself and just drowned myself in the relationship..
Eventually one day things went wrong.. Me being me, started to eat AGAIN.. Somehow one way or another eating makes me happier, i don't know why but it does...So I started eating and eating.. 

So let me show you the transformation...
(Above Pic: 96kg)
(Above Pic : After slimming down to 58kg)
(Above Pic : Another after slimming down to 58kg)

(Above Pic : Gaining Weight Back to 80kg) 

So you can see ALL my hard work that i've put in was simply gone! Just like that!
I took 2 years to loose but only 8 months to gain all these weight!
After my breakup, one day grandma told me: "You should stop all these nonsense, look at how much weight you gained and stop eating so much!"

On that day when i went back home i finally took out my weighing scale i stand on it.. 
Congratulation! 80kg!!!! That's when i realized i have gained back my weight.
Call me bullshitting or whatever.. When i'm in love i only feel good about everything, even the one i loved never mention anything about me gaining weight.. Everything is only love..
(So please if you have someone you really love and is really overweight, please for the sake of love, tell him or her nicely to start a healthy lifestyle, be it start to workout or eat healthily.. For goodness sake please don't say: I LOVE YOU and I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! 
If you love someone you want that person to stay around as long as possible which means to have good health and being overweight is not healthy!!

Anyway from that day i still couldn't stop eating but i did something worse..
Somehow my stress and post breakup got me into Eating Disorder-Bulimia nervosa..
For those who doesn't know what it means.. I've copy and paste the google meaning..
and in simple terms is i eat whatever i want to eat then i go to the toilet and force myself to puke..
By doing this i was wishfully thinking that i can eat and not gain weight..

noun: bulimia; noun: bulimia nervosa
  1. 1.
    an emotional disorder characterized by a distorted body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by fasting or self-induced vomiting or purging.

After doing this for 1 week plus i start to have gastric problems and initially i started taking pills to ease the pain but still continue purging.. However one night my pain was so bad i was crawling on the floor and couldn't even get up to the bed..The next day i went to see a doctor and was honest about what i did..
Then did i realized Eating Disorder-Bulimia nervosa is not a JOKE! You can actually die from it!
Serious Eating Disorder Result that might cause DEATH

Count myself lucky i did not became like what the above Result of some Serious Eating Disorder-Bulimia nervosa person. I was on medication to ease my gastric problem for awhile.. and i stopped purging..
I almost slapped myself for being so Stupid and Foolish! Really??? Easy Way out??!!

I began to slowly pick up myself, focus back on my career and me... I also went to Slimming Center to get myself some treatments for awhile I won''t mention which one i went.. (and i've not being going anymore..)
To put it simple.. Slimming Center works only if you help yourself too.. If you expect to pay money and still eat as much as you want after your treatment and you complain no result.. OF COURSE!!!!
To me slimming Center is like a booster, they have certain machine that really do make our cellulite smoother and skin firmer.. So if you do stick to a healthy diet plan and workout and at the same time receive slimming treatments i do in my own perspective believe somehow with everything working hand in hand you will achieve result faster.. But then again.. If you don't have the spare cash.. Then you WORKOUT !!!! Simple! Period!

Anyway i started eating back healthily and started my workout.. As i gotta work i can only workout after my working hours and i did it everyday despite being tired from work!

For those who asked how i lost weight.. This is my simple routine..
I changes it as my weight changes..
Every morning i ate my breakfast: 2 piece of wholemeal bread.
Wholemeal bread
Lunch: Fish soup not drinking all the soup but i ate more fish and veg and eat only half or my rice or at times i changed it to vermicelli.
Fish Soup
TeaTime: I usually bought it during lunch.. Chicken breast meat only without skin or some fruits.. (Only either one)

Dinner: I eat before 8pm usually about 6-7pm, I will only take 3 spoon of rice and i'll eat normally, whatever my parents cooked but more protein and vegetables.. So who says you gotta starve yourself to slim down???

My Routine changes as i change so you guys who wanna know more in detail can email me and i can help you adjust yours too.. Additional to my eating plans.. Before i sleep at night i'll do my workout in my room..
I started working out for every night 10 mins then increasing it to 15, 20, 30 ,45 mins.. Once done, bathed, that's it! Pretty simple.. All these ain't tough, you just need discipline, hard work and determination.. Never give up even if the results are slow..

With all my healthier and proper eating i lost 23kg within the one year..
And i've been maintaining my weight for 4 years and i'm gonna start to new challenge for myself..
I'm now currently 57kg.
Me Now
1. There's no such thing as easy way out..
You want a healthier body, a slimmer you? You work your ass for it!
No miracle pill is going to help you, even if it does, it's at the expense of your health.(Think Twice!)
If you don't love yourself, nobody is going to love you.
Love yourself, love your body, love your health. You deserve the best!

And Now Its 2014 !!!! YEAH!! A New Year !
I've set some new Goals for myself!!
1. To achieve my goal weight 50kg
2. To find a good doctor to laser off my unwanted tattoos (which i will blog about the process once i started)
3. I'm also starting a new job back in my Corporate Sales Industry & I aim to be the few top sales person. (Wish me Luck)

Ok! With all these said.. Let me show you guys what i've been up to lately..
I've been eating =)

But .. i workout too...

I'm also trying out some detox for myself. (i'll blog about it once i complete it)

Surrounding myself with POSITIVENESS!

I shall stop this post here.. Any question you guys can email me for more details..
Follow me on Instagram @yangmixue and look forward to my next post..

The rest of my post from here will be more on:
 My new weightloss journey
My eating plans
The product that i used that may assist in slimming or firming body,
 Technique that i used for slimming
My tattoo lasering updates
Equipment that i used or even some DIY body slimming mask that i'm experimenting 
Updates on my goals
And some of my daily live happenings that is worth posting !!!

**If you guys have good products of stuff for slimming, workout, health, please share with me too.. =)

Cheers!!! MichXoxo



  1. You are awesome! Slimming down is my forever new year resolution, as im just too lazy and not determined enough. You are my idol!!

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