Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Weight Loss Story.. (S'pore girl loses 39kg over 2 years: Find out how she does it.) Part 1.

My Weight Loss Story.. (S'pore girl loses 39kg over 2 years: Find out how she does it.)

Hi all.. So sorry for my delay of updates.. For those who do not know..
I've hurt my lower back last week, while bending to wear my shorts! (Stupid right?, I know..) to make matter worst i went ahead for gym that very afternoon as i thought it was just a moment of strain..
So as usual in my gym i do my gym's stuff, treadmill, light weights, my sets of lifting squatting sit-ups etc.. 
The next day in the morning!! I can't get up at all.. I know i sound exaggerate but really.. i was in tears due to the pain.. Anyway i have seen my physiotherapist and got a few treatments from him and i have almost recover fully.. I already start to workout yesterday for those who never follow me on Instagram or add me in facebook..

Ok.. So after my story has appeared on Stomp, Asiaone, Shin Min Daily Newspaper(as seen below)..
I have received a lot emails and inquiries about asking how i did it and stuffs..

So now is the main QUESTIONS!!
What makes you determined to loose weight..? How you loose weight?

To answer your questions let me give you a full detailed story of What? and How?..

From young i am already chubby, with the fat genes i inherited, things just got worst..
I love to eat, i simply live to eat.. As a primary school kid.. I can eat up to 4 or 5 pieces of bread as breakfast, 2 plates of rice plus 7 to 8 pieces of chicken wings as lunch, same thing for dinner 2 plates of rice and as much meat i can eat. I hate vegetables and fish!! Still acceptable as kids? (of course no!)
In my primary school days, my life still wasn't so bad, kids will still be kids, they still don't really judge..
I still managed to have some friends in school.. I think i'm still considered cute then.. =P

My TOUGH time came as soon as i went into secondary school..
In secondary school, teenagers they tend to form groups or clicks.. Me? Alone of course...
But was i affected? On the appearance.. Of course no.. I acted very tough as if i'm still happy and ok. Whenever people make fun of me, i will try to fight back..
I was constantly been mocked joked and laughed by school or classmates..
"Fat Pig", "Miss Piggy", "Pig's Trotter", "Fatso" etc.. anything that can be linked to fat.. I've heard it all before.. 
Whenever we have to form teams and groups, i will always be the last few that got chosen..
To make matter worst.. There are even teachers who joined the students in mocking me!! 
Never mind.. since there wasn't anything i can do.. i can only quietly swallow the humiliation..

But do you all really think i was as strong and as Ok that i mentioned? 
No.. At times when i go back home i will cry and cry.. Blame everyone, vent out all my anger and hatred in my room by myself.. I even had suicidal thoughts that maybe if i died, hopefully next life i can be reborn as a slim and beautiful child, but i got no guts to end my life..
So with all these negatives stuffs happening around me and going through my head.. I  became rebellious, create problems at school, giving my family lots of problems (i'm not going to say in details about these stuffs as i would like them to be private till i think its necessary to share more). 
My life from then didn't improve, i went from bad to worst, not only was i ugly on the outside, i was ugly in the inside as well.. I became a very Problematic Child..

However, things happened and luckily i managed to change and realized that whatever wrong things that i've done i'm only hurting myself and my family members..
So I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people that have never give up on me, especially my family members..
Also even though i don't really have friends, i still managed to have 2 friends from secondary school till now, whom i treasured a lot. Let's called them 'J' & 'E'.. Thanks both of you for being my friend when i'm at my worst and thank you for still being my friend.. I love you both! Look forward to many more years of endless friendship..!

After i get out of secondary school at the age of 16 plus i was at my heaviest 96kg, i start to have a lot of health problems.. I get sick easily and i started to feel giddy every time i stand up and very frequently out of breath. One day i got so breathless i had to visit the doctor..
What the doctor told me gave me a WAKE UP CALL.. He told me all these problems happened because i'm overweight. But now i'm not only overweight. I'm OBESE!
  1. 1.
    grossly fat or overweight.
    "a hugely obese young man"

My Doctor added "if you are not going to do anything to your weight and health, you will have extremely high chances of getting Heart problems!". 
This sentence was the sentence that struck me so badly... I was so bothered by it i kept thinking about it for a few days.. Finally i stand in-front of my room's full length body mirror and take a good look at myself..
I was so huge!! My waist was 36", i couldn't even wear my father's pants!! I was crying so hard and was very disgusted with myself..
After crying so hard i looked into the mirror and i told myself, from now on I WILL CHANGE! 
I'm gonna change my life to be better to be healthier. I started researching and goggling about different kinds of exercise i should do and started my routines..
I bought a dance compilation VCD called "Para Para" dance which was very popular at that time and i danced at home everyday for an hour.. Those who don't know what's para para please take a look:
These girls in the dance video was my motivation back then..

Other than dancing for an hour everyday i start to eat less fried stuffs and gassy drinks.. With just small changes like that, i lost about 4kg a month but due to greed, i found out from online that i could purchase some medication that could bring down my weight even more and faster.. Stupidly i went and purchase and eat this medicine.. This medication was like magic pill, i lost about 8kg in 3 months... With the bonus of constant gastric and insomnia.. Eventually my gastric was so bad that when i visit the doctor he told me to stop eating this as my body couldn't take it anymore and i've been vomiting yellow liquid stuffs which i think might be gastric acid..

Guess what, as soon as i stop this medication.. Poof!!! I regained back the weights that i've lost!!!!
This time round 2nd try.. I told myself no more funny stuffs.. Diet and exercise..! I really push myself exercise.. Other dancing i added Cardio exercises and a lot of sit ups and i increase my workout more as months passed by..
I ate very strictly according to my diet plans that i've customized for myself. Every month i gradually loose some weights and by the age of 19 years old i was at 57kg..  I lost total of 39kg of weight during 2 years at 17 - 19year old.

Of course after slimming down, a slimmer me and a more attractive me, starts to attract guys..
With this sweet and bitter part of my life i gained back to 80kg after working so hard! 
I will continue this and the rest of weightloss story at Part 2. 
Sorry as my lower back still does hurt and i've been sitting infront of the computer for almost 2 hrs.. 

In part 2 i will continue why i put on weight and how i managed to loose all these weight AGAIN and MAINTAIN them all the way till NOW..

I want all my readers and followers to know I don't look down or discriminate heavier weight people.. I have nothing against bigger size people, I was obese myself...
Reason why i started this blog is to SHARE, MOTIVATE & INSPIRE.. I want people who are like me to know that they are not alone...


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