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新加坡健身房 Singapore Gym Review - 24X Fitness @ Paya Lebar Singpost

Singapore Gym Review - 24XFitness @ Paya Lebar Singpost
Hi Guys!
Today's topic that i'm gonna write is something that everyone needs!
Where everybody exercise to have a healthier body or train for a fitter body or even a place to simply clear your mind and de-stress.

If you guys don't know i once deal with serious obesity issue. (as seen below)

So to me exercise is important as it keeps me healthy and also help me to maintain my physics and allow me to enjoy my daily meals without worrying i put on weight.

However the after result that you see above is sadly not how i look now, that was me in last year April when i compete for a beauty pageant and weigh around 49kg. 
After my beauty pageant, i got to go through a few invasive treatment (minor surgery) for my lower back injury caused by a car accident, and sadly the side effect was i put on crazy amount of weight, plus the fact that i could not workout while recuperating from the treatments.
So i end up gaining a crazy 13kg within 6 months as seen below😭

13 KG!!!! meaning from 49 kg to 62kg.
Eventhough i did not go back to my obese weight of 96kg, being 62kg i'm already overweight.
And no matter how much i diet on my food the weight doesn't go down because i need to workout!!

So which brings me to today's main topic.
Now that i've gotten the go ahead to workout from my doctor, i've being doing my research on the available GYM in Singapore and after some researching and discussing with my partner whom i work out with ,we decided to join 24XFitness gym @ Paya Lebar Singpost outlet.
And i'm gonna share with you my thoughts/ reviews of the GYM and also i will do a part 2 blog to share with you my results in around 3 months time, my transformation journey with 24XFitness gym.

When i first got to 24XFitness @ paya lebar singpost, i'm very impressed by the cleanliness and also amazed by the amount and options of machines that they have.
I've gotten permission from the gym management to take some photos to share with you guys and also to share some of their videos with you guys.

So let's take a look at the gym video tour follow by some of the photos i've took.

 The entrance

The functional area and resting area

This is where i do some of my yoga moves here.

The locker to keep your valuables

Lockers in the shower room ,where you can hang your working clothes and shoes

There's hair dryer provided as well

The shower area

And this..... is one of my fav!
Alkaline water machine, somehow for the first few days after drinking this water, my constipation got better and i kinda felt like my body is being detoxed

My thoughts after gyming at 24XFitness for one month.
I definitely have no complains of the machines and facilities of the gym.
There's no need to queue for the machines and there's so many varieties of machines to choose to workout with.
And most important is the hygiene and cleanliness , when i'm at the gym, i always see the cleaner cleaning up the gym, from cleaning the floor to wiping the equipment and even the mats that we use.
So rest assure the equipment and amenities are all very clean.
The environment of the gym has a pretty good vibe as well and they have very good mixture of males and females members.
All different types of shapes and sizes as well, so trust me you won't feel out of place.
The staffs and PT (Personal trainer) there are also very friendly, so in case you felt like you need someone to guide you?
or simply someone to push you to another level, you can always enquire for the PT services.

Below are some of the PTs for your reference. 
This is Sam Enaya, he is 2013 Mr Singapore and IFBB Pro Elite Competitor.
Sam is specialist in Muscle building, Fat Loss and Contest Preparation.
This is Ivan.
Ivan is specialist in Muscle Building, TRX, Kick Boxing & Nutritional Advice.
This lady here is Mia Guo, she is the champion of  FMLeague Sports Model 2017 and 2018.
Mia is specialist in Fat Loss Program, Muscle Building, Glutes Training & Nutrional Advice.

Lastly this is Theva here.
Theva is specialist in Kettlebell, TRX, Muay Thai, Boxing, Strength Endurance and Nutrional advice.

Above are just brief introduction of them, if you guys are keen enquire their expertise or to know more.
Please do contact the gym to arrange to meet them. 💪
Don't worry k? Even though they are all very Fit but they are all very friendly as well 😉

I've got one more great activity to share before i summarize the blog.
For some of you that like circuit training or some who like to do mixture of workout from machines and Hiit workout.
The gym is gonna start a training class called the 30 mins Fat Burning Workout Class !
So basically you will be wearing a Heart Tracking Device called "MY Zone" while doing the sets of workout designed for the class and the device will then show on screen and feedback based on your heart rate zones and effort.
The aim is to push your heart rate to the best fat burning zone which you can see in the video below, in order to achieve the best fat burning results.

This is how the device looked like.

To know more info about the device and the class, do check out with the gym directly.

So the most important questions that most people wanna know is, how much does the gym membership cost?
They actually have different packages, but average it costs around S$79 per month.
Lastly Good Things Must Share!
The gym will be giving out free one time trial pass for everyone!
So if you guys are keen, do contact the gym and mention my name (Michelle Yang) or my blog and ask for the one time free trial pass!

For Free Trial
Please call 82223888 (for an appointment)

Come down and try the machines and amenities out for yourself and if you do see me at the gym don't forget to say Hi! 😁


10 Eunos Road 8

Singpost Building #05-10

Access via Center Lobby

Singapore 408600 

In case you guys do not know how to get to the gym, once you reach Paya Lebar Singpost building,
just follow the directions in the video below.

You may also check them out at their website for more infos:

I'm gonna end here and do look out for more of my new blogpost!
I have 7 more new blog posts that is in the queue to share 😁😁

One last photo of me after one month training with them
Follow me on instagram to see my progress and latest result!

And also i'm gonna review my plastic surgeries results soon✌

For regular updates or any questions, do follow me at my Instagram and DM me directly.
I'll try to reply faster😊

Michelle Yang

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