Monday, 4 April 2016

Allure Beauty Signature Eyebrow Embroidery (Review)


My before and after 

Hi guys, firstly sorry for the lack of updates, infact this blog post  should be up after CNY.
However unfortunately i was involved in a car accident during CNY and has injured my spine, hence my post was delayed as i can't sit infront of a computer for too long for the time being. I'm still in the midst of my treatment , so hopefully i recover soon and can resume my normal routine. 

Anyway i wanted very much to share with you guys my experience with Allure Beauty .
See the photo of before and after above? Yeah that's me! 

I have my fair share of uneven eyebrow and mine was very light  in colour as well.
As i really spent alot of my time in the morning to draw my eyebrow and sometimes  during the bad days no matter how i draw, they are still uneven. Sometimes too long, too thick or too short. All sorts of eyebrow tantrum. LOL! The worst thing is if i wanted to not put any makeup on weekend, i'll look kinda awkward as without the eyebrow i don't look as define as how i should look.

Not sure if you ladies has any of these problems that i'm facing, but if you ladies do, no worries anymore!! Allure Beauty will solve these above problem!!
When i first decided that i want to do my eyebrow embroidery, i went online to read several reviews of  different beauty companies that does eyebrow embroidery and decided that Allure Beauty will be the best choice for me. Honestly there are other companies that approached me for a review post but i rejected and chose Allure!
So when i was invited to do a short video for them for a TV program, i happily accepted!

A little background about Allure Beauty,
Established in April 2002, Allure Beauty Saloon is a complete one stop shop for all your beauty needs and it's founded by Ms Angela Tnee. Currently they have a total of  4 outlets n Singapore.

Ms Angela Tnee is well known for her exquisite and precise eye brow embroidery works. As the eye brow master for more than 20 years, she had transformed thousands of satisfied clients internationally including Singapore by simply designing the perfect brows for them. She was also the first person in Singapore to introduce the creative eyebrow embroidery skills using the stroke by stroke techniques which has became Allure’s Signature Eye Brow.

So when i went to Allure Beauty for my consultation.
I was very impressed by their services, i was being sat down in a room and they first served me tea and didn't rush straight into the eyebrow thingy.

  When i started the eyebrow consultation, my consultant Ms  Joey was very experience and knowledgeable about eyebrow, i felt that my eyebrow are in safe hand.

Do you know so many different types of embroidery exist ? Well, i didn't!
Nonetheless Joey explained them to me in details and we both decided that the Allure Signature Eyebrow would suit me the most. 
The Allure signature eyebrow embroidery strokes follow the natural grain of our eyebrows, thus giving it a more natural look.

They uses this Golden Ratio to make sure our eyebrows suits our face..
When you do your consultation with them, they will then explain in full details with you.

Firstly Joey started to clean up my eyebrow and shape them into a nice basic shape for me, follow by drawing the perfect eyebrow for me, a demo to show me how my final result is gonna look like.

Here it is...

completed drawing the eyebrow for me

the strokes of natural drawn eyebrow

I won't be showing you the photos of me lying down and getting embroidery as i was filming on that day with them hence i can;t take much photos.

However you may see this video link below for the short clip that i was getting my embroidery.

immediately after my embroidery

look at the eyebrow stroke, aren't they beautiful?

And then it's time to wait for the peeling off......

Well... somehow it gets darker first then they peel they it will be time to touch up for one more time in order for them to last longer and have a balance eyebrow.

the peeling will make it look a little uneven but no worries , after touch up everything will be fine.

after about 28 days i went back to do my touchup.

Final touch up look!

with Ms Joey that does my lovely eyebrow, she is extremely careful , skillful and a very warm and nice lady.

Taken on my second touchup day.

Basically after each embroidery, you will be required to apply this cream and after application somehow i felt very soothing. And NO PEELING WITH YOUR ITCHY HANDS AH!

After almost 2 months has past, my final result are as below, and i never regret getting my eyebrow done, as not only do i save alot of time, i get to go out with just sunblock! I look great even without makeup :)

No Problem with sweating and any outdoor activity, swimming also now worries!!

No makeup!

No makeup and going out!!!!

with makeup but no drawing of eyebrow now!

with make up but no drawing of eyebrow

me before and after eyebrow embroidery

me before and after eyebrow embridery

Final result!!!!! Loving them!

Oh.. mention i did some filming with Allure, here's some snippets!

LOL! the serious face.

with the founder of Allure!

See many celebrities get their eyebrow done with Allure as well!
Lastly thanks Allure Beauty for creating such beautiful eyebrows for me, really loved them!

Do follow Allure Beauty on their Instagram and Facebook to get the latest promotions and updates, they do have alot promos going on and they will hold events sometimes.

Allure Beauty Instagram and Facebook page as below:

You may also visit their website for more details about all their services and also their outlets address.

Before signing off..

Allure will be giving a little offer for all my readers, quote "MichelleYang"
to get S$100 their Signature eyebrow Embroidery.
(Above promo is not usable with any existing ongoing promotions price)

Thanks All, do look out for my next blogpost coming up.

It's a travelogue that i've done for Couples that are heading to Bangkok !!!! 


Peace Out !
Michelle Yang


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