Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Tattoo Removal Journey (Part 3) Updates!

My Tattoo Removal Journey (Updates)

Hi All! This blog post isn't going to be a lengthy one, as it's gonna be an update of my tattoo removal results and journey so far.. 
Those who wanna know more details about the tattoo removal and process. Please read my two previous blog post below.
The start of my tattoo removal journey:

Well, about one month ago, i posted this photo on my Facebook and instagram

Making lots of people wonder how's my latest result till now?

Now i wanna go through a short recap of my tattoos before i show you my result after 10 tattoo laser removal treatments.

The tattoos that i have on my back before removal

My shoulder tattoo

My Upper Chest tattoo

So now i'm gonna review the results of my tattoo removal after 10 session and i will show you the current individual tattoo status.

My shoulder tattoo after removal result
(individual tattoo close up pic)

My upper chest after tattoo removal result (the blue lines are my veins)
(individual tattoo close up pic)

My lower back after tattoo removal result (the biggest tattoo of all)
P.S ignore the stretch mark hor.. i was 94kg before ok! So Ya!
(individual tattoo close up pic)

My left back after tattoo removal result (Can spot a not??LOL!)
(individual tattoo close up pic)

My center back after tattoo removal result
(individual tattoo close up pic)

My right back after tattoo removal result (the only one that has red coloring)
(individual tattoo close up pic)

Not impressed??? OK.. I guess humans are all the same..
We like to compare! So i've make the effort to do some comparison for you guys to see!

   Before                                    After  (Now)
My shoulder tattoo (above) 

                     Before                                  After  (Now)
My upper chest tattoo (above)
LOOK!!!!!! It's GONE!!! 100% GONE! I have to use my finger to point at the after pic so you guys know where the tattoo was originally at...

                     Before                                  After  (Now)
My right back tattoo (above)
The only coloring tattoo that i have and consider the trickier one to remove.. But it's removing WELL! So I'm Happy!

The most bottom pic is the result now..
My lower back tattoo (above)

                      Before                                  After  (Now)
My upper chest tattoo (above)
TADA!! another awesome result!! Can you see where is the left over tattoo???

                     Before                                  After  (Now)
My upper chest tattoo (above)
AND TADA!! another awesome result right??? How well have they fade?

See! Who says there's no second chance??? I found mine! and i'm determine to remove all of them!
My advice? find a good doctor, stick to him/her and be determined enough to go through  the whole process! don't give up half way!

And if you guys never read my previous tattoo post, once again read them here:

And many of you guys is gonna ask again, who is my doctor??
 So yes it's him again! The doctor who is doing my tattoo removal and some other aesthetic treatments, which you can find in my other blogs.

My Awesome Doctor

 Blk 125 Bt Merah Lane 1, #01-174, Singapore 150125

Tel: 6377 3179
Fax: 6377 3169

Well...... The usual question i get is, Do i regret putting tattoos? 
Ans: Yes!! because all those tattoos design are rubbish and were put on impulse! So see what young stupidity can cause??? 
But of course i'm sure you all can see what i'm doing now??
Giving myself a second chance! 
Lucky for us technology nowadays allow us to have this second chance!

For me i'm still left with a few more session (might be 5-8 depends, how well they fades) for my big lower back tattoo and my right back red color tattoo.
The rest of my tattoo are probably left with 1 or 2 more session to touch up the balance remaining tattoo. SO HAPPY!

Oh!!!!! before i forget! i wanna recommend a product that i've been using from my doctor!
The Skin Repair Essence
This is what i call 'Magic in a bottle'

I've been using this product to apply on my tattoos after all of my removal and it does amazing job in soothing and healing. I also applied some on the marks on my skin and it helps in the healing too!!
But don't quote me lah.. i'm not professional so.. (For further question on this product, how to use and can apply where etc? pls ask doctor directly)
P.S This product is from my Doctor as well, so you can go and buy it from his clinic after consulting him. 

Ok.. guess that's all for now...
I will continue to post my updates and of course the ultimate final update eventually, when everything is gone!

Signing Off with my before and after pic!
                                 Before                                                             After  (Now)

Before                                                                       After  (Now)

 C u guys soon!
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