Thursday, 6 October 2016

Home Based One Stop Beauty at Seng Kang!! Brownique Lash / JS Nailz Blog Review

Home Based One Stop Beauty at Seng Kang!!
Brownique Lash / JS Nailz Blog Review

Hi All!
Today i wanna introduce you all a One Stop Beauty Place to visit!!!!

As mentioned above Brownique Lash / JS Nailz. 

They are actually both owned by the same lady boss, basically Brownique Lash / JS Nailz is a home based One stop beauty Gem! 

It's a Hidden Gem located in Seng Kang! So all those staying at Sengkang, Hougang and Punggol attention pls!! 

Why do i say its a one stop beauty place? 
Because Brownique Lash / JS Nailz doesn't only do nails and lashes. She does lip embroidery, lash line embroidery (eyeliner)  and eyebrow embroidery! 
Yes, i repeat, she is home based! But she does almost everything, her skill is tip top and price is so reasonable.
Venue is so cosy and comfortable, i actually fell asleep when i was there doing my eye lashes extensions! LOL!

Sneak Peak as below! HEHE..

 And here below is the pretty owner/lady boss , Joyce. 

Joyce has more than 7 years of experience in beauty industry, very delicate with her touch and very patient with her clients to understand what we want and will do her best to achieve the best results for us. I actually let Joyce do my nails since almost 4 years ago. She is constantly learning new techniques, since 4 years ago she has implement so much new services.

Let me do a more details introduction by showing you more photos. 
Into the Cozy Beauty Room

Where Joyce will attend to her clients for all the beauty services.

me doing my nails with joyce.

tada my nails.

She has many many other designs, from glitters, 3D, drawn nail art, chromes etc...

Other services

the lash line (eyeliner embroidery)

the lash line (eyeliner embroidery)

the lower eyeliner embroidery

eyebrow embroidery

eyebrow embroidery

eyebrow embroidery

Below is a video of Joyce doing the eyebrow embroidery :)

My lashes extension experience.

eyemask while doing eyelashes!


without makeup but with eyelash extension

Joyce chose the more natural ones but still visible for me as she is worried i might not get use to it initially.
But so far so good, no discomfort at all.

almost 1 week plus
my lash still as good!

Currently Joyce is having a promotion for my readers and followers.
Quote my name or my blog to entitled below special promo:

S$48 for first trial Gelish Manicure
S$58 for first trial unlimited strands of eyelashes extension.

For more updates and designs of Joyce services, please follow her facebook and instagram page.

Or contact her directly 
97830360 (Joyce)

Look forward to my next blog!!
It's gonna be my Scuba Diving Blog!

Yes, i'll be sharing my scuba diving experience with everyone!
So stay tune!


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