Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Milly's Korean Lash Liner Embroidery (Eyeliner Embroidery)

Milly's Korean Lash Liner Embroidery (Eyeliner Embroidery)

Today i'm blogging about my above before and after.
Can you all see the difference? 
Yes! I did my lash line embroidery with Milly's.
 I'm so happy that i've decided to do it.

See i've been contemplating whether i should get it done but was very worried as alot of my friends told me that is gonna be very painful as it's at the eyelid and hence it's gonna be very sensitive. 
And i didn't like the old traditional eyeliner embroidery as i find them too thick and not natural.

They are days whereby i just wanna put on my skin care, sunblock a little cc cream and that's it.
So if the eyeliner is gonna be too strong, then i'll look really weird.

So i'm so glad that Milly's actually came out with this Lash Line Embroidery.
Before i start introducing the embroidery.
Let me do a short introduction about Milly's !! 

I'm sure you all know Milly's ?
Milly’s was first established as the pioneer grooming boutique to provide hair and eyelash extension services in Far East Plaza. All their staffs are professionally trained and possess years of experience under their belts. Their range of professional beauty services has expanded to include Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyeliner Embroidery, Manicure & Pedicure, Body Waxing, as well as IPL.

To know more about Milly's 
Please visit their website:

So let me start sharing my experience of my lash line embroidery.
Milly's they have many outlets and i chose the Suntec outlet to do the service.

The day i was on my way and i took some selfie and i didn't put on any eye makeup.

When i first reach Milly's outlet, i'm wow by their deco. 
Very chic and comfy feel. As i was worried whether is it gonna be painful anot?

hair extensions?

The individual room 

The room that i'll be using for my lash line embroidery.

see my eyelid.. (before)

see nothing right...?

getting ready!!!

apply some numbing cream

chillax n sleep 

while numbing the beautician is preparing the colour for embroidery

here we go!

amazingly no pain!!

and another side

tada!!! and i'm done!

done.. see the nice define line?

loving it!

me.. immediately after the embroidery and i went for super-marketing! no down time at all! =)

Basically i didn't feel any pain and it really ain't scary like how other people have said.
No regrets! i'm very happy i did it.

So basically not much after care needed just try to keep it dry. Don' t cry for the next few days! LOL!
I meant if we wash face etc, just remember to clean and pat that area dry. It's actually very similar to eyebrow embroidery, so after around 1 week if will slowly fade, than we will have a final touch up.

After 28-30 days you can go back for a touch up which will allow the result to last longer. 
As by then the colour will be almost settled down already. 
And this last for a good 1-2 years depends on each individual skin type and the colour absorption of individual skin. 

4 days later results.

so naturally nice!
i did not draw anything on my eyes nor wear any contact lens.

Milly's will be giving all my readers and followers at special discount for this lash line embroidery!
Quote my name: "Michelle Yang" when booking an appointment to enjoy the promo below.

Milly's Korean Lash Liner Embroidery (Eyeliner Embroidery)
$299 (1 session) and $399 (1 session + 1 tune up)

Usual Price
$399 (1 session) and $599 (1 session + 1 tune up)

Promotion ends at 30 sep 2016!

for all the different outlets contact and location address.
Follow them on Instagram for latest promo and new services updates.

Stay tune for more blog updates and promo!
Remember to follow my Instagram @yangmixue for more constant updates!

Next few blog updates will be on,
Advance fillers, eyelash extension, bangkok travelogue and customized skincare products plus many many more!!!  


Peace Out !
Michelle Yang


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