Tuesday, 12 July 2016

My Threadlift Review with Dr Israr Wong (Ultra V Lift and Korean Threadlift in Singapore)

My Threadlift Review with Dr Israr Wong

Hi all! This blogpost was suppose to be launch last week, sorry for the delay as i was admitted into hospital for my lower spine surgery. If u follow me on my instagram you would have know...
I'm recovering now and so far so good, so i'm trying to catch up all the outstanding blog as much as i can, without affecting my health as i can't sit for too long, so please be patient with me =)

Ok... As you all know i've blogged about my aesthetic experience before. Some for face and some are for body treatments.
And today i'm gonna introduce and at the same time share my brand new experience on a new aesthetic treatment that i've never done before till about almost a month ago!

Threadlift (Korean LIFT) !

Just by listening to the word lift, it's definitely about lifting! firmer skin? 

Ok! So what's korean lift all about? 
Please read below info as provided by my doctor's clinic!

When threadlifts were first introduced, the technique used was highly painful and invasive. The procedure was performed using from two to four large-sized threads, and was used merely as an alternative to surgical treatment. That was until Korean surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist Dr Kwon Han Jin began developing a new way of providing the treatment while minimizing discomfort and downtime. Also known as the Ultra V Lift, this new technique involved the use of a larger number of smaller threads and became extremely popular among celebrities who were seeking an effective beauty regime that fit within their busy schedule. 

Even well-known brands such as Thermage and Ulthera may not provide such successful results in such little time. Dr Israr Wong from The Knightsbridge Clinic has been personally trained by Dr Kwon in the proper application of the Ultra V Lift technique, but did notice that a large number of threads were needed to get the same results as traditional methods. As Dr Wong worked on lowering the required number of threads without affecting the standard of results, he began making use of threads featuring ‘barbs’ or ‘cogs’. These threads are still very thin but help lift and tighten the skin using small barbs, allowing for the use of less threads.

With this development, the latest non-invasive, no downtime Korean threadlift was born in Singapore at The Knightsbridge Clinic. It has been specially developed to help lift various areas of the face including the temples, forehead, mid-face tissue and jawline, and is particularly effective on Southeast Asian faces. The general contours around the face are also tightened to help accentuate a V-shaped jawline along with that renowned heart-shaped face, which is why it has become popular throughout China, Korea and Taiwan.

Honestly i've tried thermage and Ulthera before and i would say the result are already consider pretty amazing! So now as mentioned above the result of Threadlift is gonna be even more amazing than thermage and ulthera! (Excited?) LOL.
And there's so many parts of the face that can be treated with threadlift!

The Korean V Facelift is a highly versatile process that can basically be used on the whole face, which makes it an even better alternative to surgery.
Saggy, droopy areas: Cheeks, jowls, eyebrows, neck tissue
Folds: Smile lines, marionette lines (which occur as a result of upper face and mid-cheeks drooping.
Deep, permanent lines: Neck and forehead lines
Dark Eye Circles: Immediate lightening of the dark eye circles is observed, with sustained release of Vitamin C for the next 1 year; skin tightening, collagen production also occurs at the undereyes area. (lightening of the skin by up to 30-40% can be achieved by a PCL VC thread).

But even with promising treatments we always need to make sure it's done by professional right?
So why did i chose The Knightsbridge Clinic for my threadlift?

Well answer is all because of DR ISRAR WONG!

Let me give you a intro of him.

Dr Israr Wong has a strong focus on performing threadlift and achieving results near to or similar to a surgical facelift, but with the use of only threads OR energy devices (Thermage/Ulthera) combined with threads OR fillers combined with threads. Dr Israr Wong’s main focus are on Threadlifts, Hair Transplant, Botulinium Toxin and Fillers. He is also the local trainer for Dysport and the regional fillers trainer for Merz Aesthetics.
Yes! He trains other aesthetic doctors ok! LOL! (I prefer the professional of professionals!)
Alright Too much words already, let me start my experience and review sharing.
On that day went i went to see Dr Israr , it was my first time there and i'm very please to see how beautiful and classy the clinic is. From the exterior to interior, there's this hint of classiness there.

Hehe.. nice hor???

And here is where we get some treatments done.

So when i reached there other than being welcome by the lovely and pretty assistance's of the clinic and amazed by the design of the clinic, i went to have my consultation with Dr Israr, which i told him my problem of having difficulty in achieving the kind of firm and v shape face i want.

Honestly i do edit my photos and in real life i have a quite chubby face and my the side of my face skin is kinda loose as i was 96kg before, so i think i lost quite alot of collagen somehow. 
Which is why i chose to try out threadlift as the thread helps stimulate the production of collagen in your skin which is an affect that can sometimes last until well after the thread has gone.

After consultation, Dr Israr briefly explained the procedures and let me know what to expect and how to take care of my face after the treatment as well. There might be some light swell and bruise (depends on individual skin), but its concealable by makeup and you won't have problem going to work.

Here i go!
Firstly they clean up our face , remove all makeup and dirts.

feed you some painkillers 

and then it's time for numbing!

after the numbing , dr will start marking your face

see the mark at my laugh line?
I'm getting some fillers as i have pretty deep laugh lines which is making me look older apparently lol! Weird thing is i don't really laugh that much! Hmmm...

Restylane products smooth away wrinkles, enhance facial contours, create fuller lips, and rejuvenate skin. 
(Restylane is a crystal clear gel that is injected into the skin (or for some treatments just under) in small amounts to restore volume and structure. It is based on hyaluronic acid, similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane is non-animal which means that no skin tests are needed and that there is a minimal risk of allergic or hypersensitive reactions.)
So far one of the fillers brand that i like most!

and tada! one side is done!
it's a little reddish but after awhile it will subside.

and the other side done!

both side done!! see how firm both side of my cheek is up now???
sadly i'm experiencing a little swelling but no worries, see below for my recovery, no biggie!

Ok i think i gotta show you guys some comparison of one side done before the other so you guys can see the difference.

yes or no???after threadlift is immediately lifted and tighten!!!

and i'm good to go home. Yeah!

me after i went home, since i have a little swell i'm using the cold therapy.

take the medication that is given to recover faster =)

me 3 days after treatment.
See no deep laugh line le hor?

still can go out ! see ! not really that bad the swell!

me without any makeup , one side had a little bruise at my cheek but so far you can't see when i put on makeup. notice my dark circle not so obvious?? my laugh line also not visible???

So far see my V forming ?
so basically you will get the complete result after about 3 months? like below other sample.

I'm currently only at my 1 month so look forward to my final pretty face lol!!

For more detailed information please contact Dr Israr Wong Directly.
You may DM him through his instagram.

Or email him @ dr.israr.wong@gmail.com

So basically to summarized what i've done with The Knightsbridge Clinic. 
> Fillers at the laugh line (honestly it doesn't feel any pain and it had smoothen about 80% of my laugh line)
> Koean V thread lift at my side cheek ( I felt my cheek really firm and tighten now and on top og that somehow my complexion has improved, collagen working? hehe..)
> Also threadlift at my under eye to reduce dark circles. (Without makeup now even with bareface i honestly look ok now, no more concealing too much!)

OH OH! Dr ISRAR is very kind to offer all my reader a 5% off for threadlift and fillers services! Just quote my name " Michelle Yang" or my blog to entitle this discount! =)

I might be doing other treatments to lift my jawline and neck's skin as well as enhancing my v chin shape! so stay tune for more blog updates!

More blogs coming up on skincare, and of course to my ultimate result of my V shape face.


Peace Out !
Michelle Yang


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