Thursday, 6 March 2014

My Tattoo Removal Journey

My Tattoo Removal Journey 

Hi all.. I did mentioned that this year one of my new year goal is to find a good doctor and remove all my unwanted tattoos. And...... I did it!!!

I'm not gonna waste a lot of my time on why i did my tattoo in the first place..
To summarize, i did it at a rebellious teenager age and i really regret a lot..
I always have to wear covered back clothes, with sleeves to cover my shoulder tattoo and i always love off shoulders clothes and stuffs.

So when i was about 20 years old, i did went for tattoo removal TWICE (2 sessions) but ultimately i gave up! Because its sooooo freaking painful! its like 10 times the pain of putting a tattoo on! I'm serious!

I shelved the thought of removing my tattoo for years till recently i decided that i really want them off for good, so i begin my research and search for the best doctor that suits me and at the same time mentally preparing myself for the pain AGAIN!

One main reason why i decided to blog about my tattoo removal journey is also because when i'm researching and hoping to find some blog about tattoo removal to read, i was kinda shocked, that there isn't like a complete blog that i can read. So i decided that if i remove mine, i will share my experience, which doctor i went and my recovery and results...
Everyone deserves a second chance.. Even our skin...

So after searching a few clinics i decided to go to Drs. Chua & Partners (Alexandra Village).
Apparently Dr Kevin Chua is very famous for his tattoo removal, when i first met him.
He provided me with a lot of information about removing my tattoos, the best outcome and the worst outcome.
What i like about Dr Kevin, is he was very honest and not try to make me commit and spend money.
So after talking to him, i decided that he is the doctor that will change my life! Give my skin a second chance..

Am i gonna show you my the tattoos the i have..

My back tattoos

My shoulder
My lower back
So u guys tell me, should i not remove all these Messy tattoos????

P.S: I have nothing against having tattoo, i think they are beautiful when done properly and design chose carefully, not like mine. Rubbish patches...!

The Actual Day of My Tattoos Removal

I was extremely excited and worried about the pain at the same time.. My younger brother accompanied me there. I reached the clinic at 9 am to apply the numbing cream and will start the removal at 11am.
So not to bored you with words, let the photos do the talking..

The Clinic

waiting for my numbing cream

The procedure room

Getting ready & pose (actually i'm very scared)
The numbing cream (Let's start!!)

did a little spot on my eyebrow too (old eyebrow tattoo mark)

Th magic machine! (Tattoo removal machine)

Worried face

Let's start..

Lastly my eyebrow

I'm still good!


So... First session done!!

Hehehee... I'm actually very happy..!! Now after you see the whole procedure, let me explain a little about the process... Firstly the clinic assistant will apply the numbing cream on the tattoo for you, about 2 hrs later we are ready to get the removal done. 

What Technology is Dr Kevin Using?

Dr Kevin is using MedLite C6 Laser System, which can significantly lighten or remove professional, amateur, traumatic and surgical tattoos. In many cases, depending on the amount and type of ink used, and the depth of the ink in the skin — greater than 95% fading of the tattoo may be accomplished
The Medlite C6 forces energy into the target ink molecules at such a high rate, they vibrate and shatter, without harming the surrounding skin.
As the MedLite laser emits light in very short pulses, the skin is protected from damage. 

What colours can be removed?

The Medlite C6 laser has the option of four different wavelengths (or colours) allowing it to selectively erase a whole spectrum of colours, including black ink, red ink, sky blue ink and green inks. 

There are tattoo artists who mix colors two create an "in between" color. Like red and yellow to make orange. Or blue and yellow to make green ink. The laser light will tease out these different colours on a molecular level. 

Some colours are reduced easier than others; Yellow, white, flesh tones, brown and fluorescent colours are resistant. Because these inks may contain metals or plastics they usually require more treatments. Greens and certain blues can take more treatments than those estimated.

How many sessions does it take?

Most tattoos will require 8-12 sessions. The final number depends on how much ink there is left in your skin. The older the tattoo is, the more ink would have been absorbed and cleared by your body over time. The older tattoos typically clear faster

How long must I wait between each session?

The minimum time between each session is 4 weeks. This is in order to allow the skin enough time to heal so we can minimise any chance of scarring. Sometimes, that duration may be extended depending on how well your skin heals.

Will it leave a scar?

There is always a small chance of scarring. After each treatment, some may develop blisters. Try not to burst them. The chance of scarring can be further reduced depending on how you look after the treated area. Try not to pick or scratch at the skin as it heals. There is medication that can shorten the recovery period and reduce your chance of scarring further.

(So far mine so good, no blisters at all..)

Enough knowledge and further questions, i think its better that you check with Dr Kevin directly so that he can provide you with his professional advice.

Now.. How I Felt????

Amazingly!! the pain was so much bearable compare to the one i did when i was 20 years old..
As i was preparing to hurt like hell! The pain on the scale of 10 is like 3-4.. Seriously i'm not joking!
I think the numbing cream is like magic!!! Dr Kevin was also very fast and accurate.. Know what? i'm actually looking forward to my next session!! =)

Now let me show you after the first session.. The before and after...

Medication for after care...

I'm recovering very well.. In real life, my tattoos are significantly lighter and has faded a lot.. I'm going for my second removal this month! So looking forward! 
Can't wait for all the tattoos to be gone!

Lastly i'm so glad that i chose Dr Kevin.. You are a cool doctor!!!!
Had the honor to take photo with Dr Kevin and his beautiful wife.. =)

If you are thinking of getting your tattoo removal done.. Trust me.. You need to see him!!

Blk 125 Bt Merah Lane 1, #01-174, Singapore 150125

Ok! I shall stop here.. Look forward to my updates on the rest of my removal and also my progress on my blog and instagarm!

Peace Out!


  1. Salute to you
    1) Having the 勇气 to go and remove your tatooS.
    2) The will and determination to slim down.

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  3. Will like to see the outcome after your full theraphy. Interesting.

  4. Has it all been completely removed by now? I hope the process didn’t leave a nasty scar like what happened to some people I know. But I trust your judgment seeing you are completely happy with the result of the initial session. I hope you keep us updated so we could hear more about your adventures! Cheers![ageless]

  5. we all made silly choices and mistakes along the way. it takes a lot of courage to face them. all the best, brave girl! cheers

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